Happy Holidays!
As we turn the calendar page from November to December and then from December to January, may you have enjoyed a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving holiday, and may the lights and spirit of the Christmas season brighten your hearts and homes, as well as those of kith and kin, and may we bid a fond farewell to the old year as we warmly welcome the new. As we celebrate the holiday season, may we also reflect back upon a year of opportunities that challenged us, that motivated us to think more creatively, to work harder and smarter, and to stretch us out of our comfort zones and into the unknown but exciting territory of new adventures.

We have experienced solid growth in CBTP, CBC BevCo, and CBC Mortgage Agency, as well as a strong return by Suh’dutsing Telecom to the defense and government contracting arena with two new contract wins, and two new TO wins under existing contracts. Suh’dutsing Staffing Services continues its slow but steady growth trend, and has added to its portfolio of impressive clients with some newly acquired, large accounts. All of these hard fought battles and successful outcomes will positively impact and propel the forward momentum of CBC, and will translate to a 2016 of new opportunities to chase, and exponential growth to capture, by the CBC family of companies and its team members!

Have a wonderful and warm (and safe) holiday season, and may much happiness and success crown your every relationship and effort in 2016!