Greetings from Cedar Band Corporation!

As winter fades away and spring is ushered in, and as we bring March and the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2015 to a close, Cedar Band Corporation has experienced many growing pains and start-up hurdles and challenges, which are common when, and synonymous with, starting up new operating companies. With the incorporation of CBC Mortgage Agency in May 2013, and the incorporations of CBC BevCo and CBC Distribution Company in September 2013, last year was a tremendously challenging year of start-up pains with all the accompanying headaches and heartaches along the way, but as we single-mindedly focused all of our time, talents, energies, and resources behind the process of nurturing these new companies in 2014, they began to bud and flourish!

Now, as we enter Fiscal Year 2015 and the second quarter of 2015, we are now poised to watch our new companies flourish to full-fledged, stand-alone economic machines, including our existing companies, namely Suh’dutsing Telecom and Suh’dutsing Staffing Services, and to experience exponential growth of all our operating companies because of the pending opportunities with which we have filled our pipeline, as we cautiously, but optimistically expect to attain new heights of growth and revenue generation in 2015!

Here’s to the dawning of a new day at Cedar Band Corporation and its family of Tribally-owned companies!

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